It is about imposing a new vision on digital design, trying to focus each of the designs on the very same pure digital art. From a simple image to an advertisement of an establishment. Focusing more than anything else on a semi-work of art, and not simply creating something with the intention of selling or advertising.
“You can study to create design. But to create art, you need much more than just a studio. Why create advertising that will simply last a certain time and be forgotten? If you can create art to inspire people and make them feel the inexplicable.”

Benjamin Hernan Solis Salazar (Merida, Yucatan, February 23, 1994). Coming from a family with medium status, I have grown up completely with the direct influence of my two brothers, and with the philosophy that in this life nothing is free and if you want to become someone, you must fight for it.This is something that began as simple leisure from the age of 11 and ended up becoming a hobby for which he lived completely. I had my beginnings in signature workshops in forums, doing work for simple entertainment.
“But I never thought it was like a drug you can’t leave behind, something that produces an insatiable feeling, a mixture of great joy and inexplicable satisfaction.”

“Remember, the harder the journey, the greater the reward.”

Zarooq, Noble Group, Kris Van Assche, Albino, Zenzzer, Scee, Twin Set, Vic Matie’, Yohji Yamamoto, Quavo, Lammar

LONDERZEEL curated by Kris Van Assche, DUTCH PARADOX Galeries Lafayette curated by Mosign with Galerie des Galeries, DIESEL Exhibition at Diesel Penthouse

ICON El Pais, L’Officiel Italia, The Greatest, Metal, Husk, Sleek, Harper’s Bazaar Men’s Style China, L’Officiel Hommes Germany, Hero, Modern Matter, Dazed & Confused Japan